Cheforama Ecosystem




Project Manager

Chief Community Officer



We-chefs is a NFT marketplace which offers a platform for the Hospitality community to showcase & sell their Digital Art and utilize the resources of the Social hub such as NFT ticketing, Community Management, NFT artwork development, Artist Resources.


CHEF is the native Currency for the Cheforama Ecosystem, which is used as a transaction median.  $CHEF’s formulation features a smart contract with host security features and flexible tax input making it ideal for commercial transactions between institutions.


is a Virtual Social hub which will be governed by a panel of 10 hospitality professionals who will work towards the development of this social hub and engage community growth.  the hub will feature a variety of community districts via NFT access allowing the community to partake in events, networking, games and social interactions.

CYC will also provide the foundation of the first ever Crypto Chef community and allow access to Hospitality students to interact and learn from industry veteran professionals via metaverse Lessons.


Our merchandise line is currently under development and we will be bringing our ‘CHEF-SHOP’ online to our website soon with our NFT artwork.

To learn more about the Apparel line and check out current apparel’s please visit our discord channel.