The Cheforama is a Hospitality solutions company, which is headquartered in Boston, MA.

The Cheforama uses the fundamental building blocks of a POSA (Proof of stake Authority) Protocol, and blends Web3 Technology to create "HOSPIFY : Decentralized Hospitality Network"

HOSPIFY is an AI powered blockchain network which focuses on improving and creating an efficient operating model for Hospitality entities such as hotels, restaurants and country clubs by eliminating the use of multiple POS and PMS softwares and implementing interoperable smart contracts that execute daily tasks.

At Cheforama we believe in creating an opportunity for everyone thus we provide the community with Access to various resources of A Decentralized ecosystem

The Cheforama is currently in the Alpha testing stage for ‘WeChefs’

If you have any Questions or Inquiry please reach out 👉🏻


$CHEF is the native currency for the ecosystem.

TOTAL SUPPLY :                 BLOCKCHAIN : BEP20                   CONTRACT :  0x1C2fa543c4C39717B6d07450CE5AD328410


                                                                                                    TAX EXEMPTION – VARIABLE TAX INPUT – WALLET  BALCK-LISTING


We-Chefs is a DAPP which is curated towards the hospitality community features a Digital collectable marketplace and a full service NFT studio that enables the community to create and build their Web3 brands and develop interoperability.

We-Chefs  builds upon the tokenomics of $CHEF and brings various features in the DAAP such as community centric governance, P2P NFT swap protocols and Escrow based NFT lending.

Gutter Food Labs
The Story of Mr. Gutters'

Gutter Food Labs is a Community Centric educational and learning platform that presents the hospitality community with resources to understand, navigate and integrate Web3 resources. Gutter Food Labs also, seconds as an incubator for hospitality based web3 projects and all Projects presented to the community are Developed under the wing of WeChefs.
Gutter Food Labs is lead by a collection of “Gutter Chefs” that are dedicated towards building the future of the hospitality industry.

COMMUNITY AND PARTNERSHIPSWe are a “by the community, for the community” Ecosystem, where Community development and growth is managed through Self sustaining tokenomics.

At Cheforama we truly believe in developing the future of Hospitality and constantly thriving to connect and develop with futuristic individuals to push the boundaries of innovation in hospitality Tech!

The Cheforama Offers a unique benefit by sharing a part of the community reserved token as a part of the onboarding process, to all its operating members! If you are someone who is interested in Joining the Cheforama community then please fill out the respective forms and someone will be in touch shortly.


metaKitchen bridges the digital and physical world of food into a Game-Fi ecosystem built for chefs, home cooks, and gamers. Through our love of food we are uniting the industry with a fully integrated culinary web3 platform. Our games: SuperOG, Ready Set Whip, Culinary Missions and mK Battle will designed & developed by a doxxed team with over 30 years of experience in the space.

3000 OG Chefs will give you access to two additional collections; Ingredients & Utensils NFTs (IUNFT) required to play Ready Set Whip & metaChefs unlocking culinary missions, both will be mintable in $CHEF or $SOL. $CHEF will have use-cases in all our games as well as utility for Raffle Tickets, On-demand sniping services and real world applications such as Interactive Masterclasses, Restaurant & Product Discounts.


November 2021
mainet deployed ✔️, Publish white-paper✔️, Launch Website✔️
January - March 2022
First Community Donation, 50 holders, NFT marketplace, Rewards program
June - September 2022
500 holders, List CMC CGK, The Cheforama Yacht Club
December - February 2023
Cheforama Annual Report, partner with educational institutions
December 2021
Initiate Community onboarding✔️, Host Pre Dex✔️, Cheforama RnD initiative ✔️
March - June 2022
Launch Cheforama Farming initiative, Staking, NFT staking, CHEF﹣SWAP
September - December 2022
Finish Community onboarding, 1500 holders, Blockchain CHEF